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Gum Recession Treatment Options

Gum recession treatment may be necessary when you have sensitive teeth, notice significant inflammation of the gum tissue, or you are feeling self-conscious about the look of your teeth. Gum recession is one of the most noticeable side effects of periodontal disease and it is essential to restore the gum line for both functional and esthetic reasons. We can perform a simple dental grafting procedure to recreate the gum line or use a minimally-invasive technique to restore the gum line and enhance your smile.

Signs You Need Dental Grafting

Example of Receding GumsGum grafting surgery may be necessary when you have lost a significant amount of gum tissue after periodontal disease or for any other reason. Many patients with tooth sensitivity, noticeable inflammation of the tissues, root exposure, and rapid cavity formation can benefit from dental grafting procedures. For many patients, improving the look of the smile is a reason to get a gum graft. Dr. Scott Jett can determine what type of gum graft you need during your consultation.

Types of Gum Grafting Procedures

We perform three main types of gum grafting procedures at our practice in addition to the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST). Connective tissue grafts are the most common types of dental grafting procedures and can treat exposed roots. Free gingival grafts and pedicle grafts are other options for restoring the gum line.

Restoring the Gum Line with the Pinhole Surgical Technique

The Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) is a minimally-invasive alternative to gum grafting surgery and can be very effective for restoring the gum line in a single visit. The procedure involves loosening some of the gum tissue above the areas with gum recession to recreate the gum line. Patients enjoy immediate cosmetic benefits and do not have to worry about any downtime.

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