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What are Full Mouth Dental Implants ?

Full mouth dental implants offer patients missing some or most of their teeth a range of treatments including implant dentures or bridges and individual implants. Also called complete dental implants, these treatments are selected based on your unique health needs and aesthetic qualities

Types of Treatment:

Single Dental Implants– If you are missing a single tooth, a single implant can be placed to fill the gap, restore your smile, and help protect the empty space from oral health problems such as gum disease.

Full/Implant supported dentures:

Conventional dentures may slip or slide due to poor fit, causing pain and discomfort. Full dentures are supported by implants placed into the gum for extra support, providing a more secure, reliable, and comfortable fit for those with dentures.

Full bridges:

Full bridges offer the advantages of dental bridges with the added support of dental implants. Bridges are used to treat gaps and spaces left by missing teeth.

Placement of Full Dental Implants:

Implants are inserted into the jaw and left to heal for two to six months. During this time, osseointegration occurs, meaning the implants and jawbone bond together to form a more solid foundation for dentures, bridges, or artificial teeth. During the osseointegration period, temporary tooth replacements may be used for aesthetic purposes and to assist you with speaking, chewing, and other functions during this time.

Healing caps and connections may be added during an additional stage to allow multiple crowns to be attached to the implants. Healing caps and connections further strengthen the foundation for new prosthetic teeth.

Your dental restorations are carefully selected to match natural tooth color, bite, and alignment for a natural-looking smile. These prosthetics are attached directly to the dental implants.

In the final stage, bridges or dentures are attached to abutments. These small metal posts connect the bridge or denture to the implant.

It may take time for you adjust to the feeling of your new implants, but once you do you will notice a vast improvement in your ability to chew, speak, and smile. Properly care for your implants by brushing and flossing as you would your natural teeth for a healthy smile that lasts for years. See your dentist for regular checkups to ensure your dental health and the continued quality of your implants and appliances.

Whether you have a single missing tooth or several missing teeth, full mouth dental implants might be the best solution for you. To learn more about these natural-looking, permanent treatment options, contact our office. We’ll be glad to assist you in setting up your next visit!

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